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With over 3 million registered users and millions of page views each month, Cointiply offers some of the the most effective advertising in the industry.

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Our Advertising Solutions

Sponsored Promotion Ad
Sponsored Promotions

You provide a URL, a promo code and a short message. We announce the promotion and our users must view your URL before redeeming the promo code for free Coins. Everybody wins!

Paid to Click Advertising
Paid to Click (PTC Ads)

Users must visit your website, video or URL for a certain number of seconds before being awarded Coins. Cheap, simple and effective advertising.

Sponsored Emails
Sponsored Email

Send your promotion to our users and our users earn a small reward for opening and clicking on your email.

Banner Advertising
Banner Ads

High visibility banner placements for maximum results. Competitive CPM's and a highly engaged audience.

CPA/ & CPE Campaigns
CPA & CPE Campaigns

Only pay for users who sign up or complete a specific action on your website, app, or other platform.

Custom Surveys
Custom Surveys

Create a custom survey, ask whatever questions you want and end it with a direct call to action for the survey participant. Our users earn a small reward for completing the survey!

Advertise With Us

If you'd prefer to use our self serve advertising options, please create a Cointiply account and you can begin advertising immediately.


We have advertising options for both big and small budgets.

If you have a budget of less than $1000/month you can create a Cointiply account and use our self serve advertising options.

What to Expect

One of our business managers will get back to you within 24 - 48 hours (usually faster).

We will discuss your budget and goals then design a campaign to meet those goals.

Your account manager will help you launch your campaign & continue to work with you to ensure your campaign is a success.